Sunday, September 30, 2007

Williamsburg Scottish Festival

Yesterday, I attended the Williamsburg Scottish Festival. It was a beautiful day. My Dad, sister Denise and her friend Lillie came to see there from Chesapeake.

I think the girls wanted to listen to the band Albannach and enjoy a beer. Neither was to Dad's taste. Lillie was enthralled with the historian, David Ross and got his photo. [I didn't so perhaps Lillie will share it for a later posting.]

I found Melissa Lukan and her husband of the Fredericksburg Scottish Society at the Clan Morrison tent. I also found Jerry of the forum XMarks the

I enjoyed my visit the day before to Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown fort.

Wearing my kilt on Friday, I received many questions from the other tourists and requests to be photographed with them. This young lady is from Oman. She stopped me and asked if I would take a picture. I thought she wanted me to photopgraph, her and her friend. No, she wanted a picture of me with her and she would return to the compliment to me.

Friday, September 21, 2007


As a take-off from the concept casual Fridays, I’ve been wearing my kilt to work the last 6 Fridays. Today, I was joined by two other kilted XMTSers who wore their kilts to work! Paul Danner and Jim Breeden with their spouses Dottie and Sharon meet for lunch at a local Panera Bread in Spotsylvania.

After this photo was taken a fellow came up to us and told us about his trip to Scotland and his Scots Irish ancestry. He said he almost purchased a kilt while there but did not. We told him about X Marks the Scot and kilt makers on the forum.

Sharon works at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center. She commented that she had been a serving wench at the Rising Sun Tavern. She noted that I was a member of the Fredericksburg Scottish Society. I think its time to schedule a Kilt Night on First Fridays for October 5th.

After work I was in the check out line at a local Ukrops grocery store when a lady asked me if I was Scottish. Scottish ancestry I replied, yes. She told me she was from Edinburgh! As I was leaving the store I passed a couple and overhead the fellow say to his girl as he pointed to my kilt, I got to get one of those!

A very successful Kilted Friday!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The venue of Sky Meadows State Park at DelePlane was a great success. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful setting. A little windy at times, but you can't have everything. The organizers were well pleased with the turn out went beyond their expectations and additional parking was made for the overflow.

I had the opportunity to talk to one of the Board members about suggestions in reviving the Scottish Festival in Fredericksburg. As I manned the MacCallum Malcolm Clan tent three representatives approached me about attending their Scottish Festival. Next year the VA Games will go back to the two day format. More pictures of the the Festival is here.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Fredericksburg Scottish Games

Yesterday, I met with the Chief of the Fredericksburg Scottish Society, Don Macleay and his wife Astrid. We talked about the now defunct Fredericksburg Highland Games and Celtic Festival. I had recently moved to Fredericksburg and attended them in 1998. In 1999, a business trip took me out of town. That was the last one.

Don gave me the history of the games and shared his exploratory efforts over the last few years to resurrect them. There appears to be an interest in Scottish heritage groups in the area to bring them back. Much work would have to be done in achieving their comeback.

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Next Saturday, September 15th, The Virginia Highland Games are to be held in Sky Meadows State Park in Deleplane. This will be the first year at this site leaving the City of Alexandria. The open fields and fresh mountain air should make a wonderful setting!