Tuesday, December 21, 2010

RIP, Jerry

Our Chief was laid to rest, yesterday. Jerry’s eldest son, Jared gave his Dad’s eulogy. It was very touching. The love of the family for Jerry was quite evident.

Jerry was a passionate man who loved his God, family, country and his Scottish heritage.

Charlotte arranged for Rev. Larry Glasgow to officiate the service. Ray Scott, Director of UMW Eagles Pipe & Drum Band played the bagpipes.

Rest in Peace, Jerry. We'll miss you until His Kingdom Comes.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

RIP - Jerry Hamilton

The Fredericksburg Scottish Society is sad to announce the loss of our Chief, Jerry Hamilton. Jerry passed away on Thursday, Dec. 16th. There will be a viewing at Covenant Funeral Home in Fredericksburg on Sunday, Dec. 19th from 5pm-7pm. The funeral will be Monday at 11am at the funeral home.Jerry has been a stalwart member of the Society for many years and took great pride in his Scottish heritage. He will certainly be missed at our upcoming events.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Burn's Supper

The Scottish Society of Fredericksburg is once more holding it’s annual Burns Supper on January 29, 2011 at the Fredericksburg Country Club to which you are cordially invited!

The 210th observance and celebration of the life of Robert Burns begins at 6 o'clock in the evening with a social hour and then the Mary Washington Eagle Pipe Band begins the festivities with the skirl of the bagpipes at 7 o'clock. Mary Triola and Deborah Wenrich of Moch Pryderi, Fredericksburg’s well known Welsh Celtic Band, will be here again.

This invitation is open to any of your friends and family so if you think some of them might be interested in coming, please spread the word! The price per person is $30 until January 8th., after this date it is $35. Final reservations by January 24th.

Please make your check to the Scottish Society of the Fredericksburg for the number of people attending. Please list the names of attendees and mail with the check, to:

Avril Bishop, 5 Hardwick St., Fredericksburg, VA 22405-2850

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Alexandria Scottish Christmas Walk

It was a great weather day for the Alexandria Scottish Christmas Walk. There were nearly two hundred units in the parade. It's such a great way to start the Yuletide season!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy St. Andrew's Day!

A Toast to Saint Andrew
byJim MacGregor

Most of us have heard the legends and traditions about Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland. He may have been a missionary to Scotland. Saint Regulus brought a relic of Saint Andrew to Scotland. He was martyred on an X-shaped cross. We find the facts about him, however, in the Bible. Those facts allow us to surmise something about his character, and to conclude that he is a fitting patron for the Scots.

People frequently attribute certain traits to the Scottish character:

They say a Scot is thrifty. Saint Andrew lived with his brother and the family. Maybe he did so because he was single. On the other hand, maybe he was saving his pennies. (Mk 1:29)

A Scot is thought to have an independent spirit - not bound by tradition. We know that Andrew was a follower of John the Baptist who preached against the establishment and its traditions. John was not a popular figure among the ruling class. (Jn 1:40)

We Scots are said to have an open mind and to value learning. Andrew sought an interview with the Lord to hear the gospel message first-hand. He had to determine for himself whether or not to follow Him. (Jn 1:35-40)

They say a Scot has enthusiasm and the courage of his convictions. Andrew believed the Lord. He went to his brother, Peter, and told him he had found the Messiah! He introduced Peter to the Lord. Could it be that Saint Andrew was the first domestic missionary? (Jn 1:41-42)

We all know a Scot has reserve. Andrew was one of the first four apostles. He is always mentioned with, but less frequently than, the other three. Maybe he was not part of the "inner circle" -- or perhaps he was and just did not blather about it.
Scots are said to have a metaphysical bent. Andrew was one of those who inquired of the Lord about the signs of the end times. (Mk 13:3-4)

A Scot is practical, a man of action. Andrew heard the discussion of how to feed the thousands of people. He found the boy with the five barley loaves and two fish. He directed the people to be seated. Maybe he also supervised the distribution. (Jn 6:4-11)

A Scot can be a devoted, dutiful servant. The Greeks wanted an interview with the Lord. They asked Philip. Andrew took the request to the Lord. Could Saint Andrew have been the first missionary to foreigners? (Jn 12:20-22)

A Scot is loyal. Andrew was with the others in the upper room in the scary time after the Lord's ascension. (Acts 1:12-14)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I offer a toast to a true role model for us Scots -- Saint Andrew!

© Copyright James B. MacGregor 1997

Monday, October 4, 2010

Williamsburg Scottish Festival

The weather was perfect for the Williamsburg Scottish Festival. The festival had all their bases covered with; athletics, piping, Scottish fiddling, Highland Dance, Clans, vendors and great entertainment.

Fredericksburg Scottish Society members; Melissa Klanecky and Ern Malcolm
University of Mary Washington's Eagles Pipes and Drum Band

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fredericksburg Welsh Festival

We manned a table at the Welsh Festival, Saturday 9/25. It was an enjoyable day with a good turnout. The Welsh Society as always does an excellent Festival!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Upcoming Events

On Saturday, September 25th from noon to 5 PM join our Celtic cousins at the Fredericksburg Welsh Festival at the 900 block of Charles Street in front of the James Monroe Museum.

A day trip from the Fredericksburg area is the Williamsburg Scottish Festival to be held Saturday, October 2nd. Always a fun time with excellent clan representation, pipes & drums, entertainment and vendors.

Monday, August 23, 2010

William Wallace Day

We remember William Wallace excuted this day in 1305, by Edward I but who could not extinguish Wallace's passion for a free Scotland which would be realized by Robert the Bruce.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Toast to William Wallace

Come join us at The Fredericksburg Pub to celebrate William Wallace Day, this Sunday 8/22 at 6 PM to toast our great Scottish Patriot!
William Wallace Monument at Druid Hill Park Baltimore MD USA by Jim Wallace

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Post Tartan Day Celebration in Historic Fredericksburg

We had an ideal weather day for celebrating Tartan Day at the Hugh Mercer Apothecary Shop. The display table was placed out front of the apothecary on the sidewalk. We were able to talk to number of folks as stolled by enjoying the beautiful spring day. There are more photos on this thread at X Marks the Scot.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tartan Day Celebrated

I posted a thread at X Marks the Scot on my Tartan Day. You can see it, here. There was a small but fun contingent of kilties at the Fredericksburg British Pub. Hope to see some more tartan wearers this Saturday, 4/10th at Hugh Mercer's Apothecary on Caroline Avenue in downtown historic Fredericksburg!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tartan Day Celebrations

The Fredericksburg Scottish Society will celebrate Tartan Day at the Fredericksburg Apothecary Shop on Saturday, April 10, 2010 from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm.

There will be gathering of tartan wearers at Fredericksburg British Pub on Tartan Day, Tuesday April 6th around 6 or when ever you can make it. Come and show your sett.

Monday, March 1, 2010

An Evening of Celebrating Robert Burns

The re-scheduled Burns Night was successfully held Saturday, 2/27 at the Fredericksburg Country Club. We were entertained by the Eagles Pipe Band of the University of Mary Washington.

Our Welsh cousins assisted in festivities. Bob Roser piped in the Haggis and Cindy Roser delivered the “Ode to the Haggis.” Later in the evening Deborah Jensen and Mary Triola of the Welsh folk group, Moch Pryderi performed for us.

Avril Bishop gave a heartfelt Immortal Memory of Robert Burns. Preston Simms kept as Master of Ceremonies kept the evening running smoothly. It was a great evening of superb entertainment, excellent food and wonderful company.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hugh Mercer Birthday Celebration

This Sunday, 1/17th the staff of the Apothecary Shop on Caroline Street will be celebrating the birthday and life of Dr/General Hugh Mercer.

Dr Mercer was born in Rosehearty, Scotland, graduated from college in Aberdeen, saw service as an assistant surgeon at the Battle of Colloden before leaving Scotland for America. Once here he lived as a doctor in rural Cumberland County, PA, served as an infantry officer for 6 years in the French & Indian War before moving to our fair town in 1761. While here he operated a successful medical and apothecary business for 15 years. He also met and married his wife and had 5 children.

As the country edged toward revolution, Dr Mercer again offered his military services to Virginia and his adopted country. Raised to a Brigadier general he commanded troops at both Trenton and Princeton. It was at Princeton in 1777 that he was struck down while leading his forces into battle against the British. He lingered for 12 days before dying of his wounds. He is buried in PA.

The Apothecary Shop will be celebrating his life from noon to 4 pm on Sunday. Cake and punch will be served. I hear that the doctor will be "in." (And a bagpiper, of course!)

Come and join the festivities!

Trip Wiggins, Fredericskburg Scottish Society

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Burns Night

The Scottish Society of Fredericksburg is once again holding its annual Burns Supper on January 30, 2010 at the Fredericksburg Country Club to which you are cordially invited! The 209th observance and celebration of the life of Robert Burns begins at 6 o'clock p.m. with a social hour and festivities starting at 7 o'clock.

The rousing Mary Washington University Eagle Pipe Band and Highland Dancers and music and song by Deborah Wenrich and Mary Triola of Moch Pryderi will take us on a trip to the hills and glens of Scotland with their evocative Celtic music.

The price per person is $35. Reservations are closed on January 25th. This payment is non-refundable with no postponement due to inclement weather. Please send your payment for the number of people attending with their names on a separate piece of paper. Make checks payable to the Scottish Society of Fredericksburg and mail to Avril Bishop, 5 Hardwick St., Fredericksburg, Va.22405-2850